Dear Friends

I wanted to share a letter with you that I received at mini-camp last month.

Shyan has been at camp for 3 summers now.  She is the top student in Form 1 at her High School in Castries where she now lives with her father during the school year.  Her mother lives in our village as does her aunt and grandmother.

Shyan wrote:

Dear Aunty Shell and other camper helpers

Good morning aunties, I am just writing this letter to inform you all that I am really grateful for your return back to our lovely country St. Lucia.  I am only sorry about what happened before..  I thought that camp was never going to go on, but from the moment I heard that camp was still going on I actually rushed down to my mom’s house.

Camp is not only about fun for me, it is like going to school on holidays and weekends, we read, eat, drink, go to the beach and we play.

At camp we get sponsored with lots of things.  Especially school items, we get vouchers, groceries, and the most important thing we get at camp is love.  Aunty Shel thanks for everything you have done for me and the other camping students.

Thank you very much.  We love you all so much.


It is so nice to know that Camp Sylvester is a special place for many children in the village of Anse La Verdure.  Thank you for partnering with us to make this possible.

We have registered 33 campers for this summer.  All our junior leaders and junior staff are returning which is very exciting.  We currently have a small waiting list and hope to be able to accommodate.

There has been a great response to our camper support this year but we still have a number of campers who are awaiting their Canadian Friend.

Thank you so much for your continued support.


Auntie Shel