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Fostering Communication On DBS News World

Our team from Fostering Communication was featured on DBS News World, with reporting from our Peace Corps partner Hannah Jiang. Best drug to treat anxiety http://xanaxbars.net/   How to order Provigil 200 mg online http://www.buymodafinil-online.com/

A letter from a camper

Dear Friends I wanted to share a letter with you that I received at mini-camp last month. Shyan has been at camp for 3 summers now.  She is the top student in Form 1 at her High School in Castries where she now lives with her father during the school year.  Her mother lives in […]

Camp Update

Dear Friends Camp has gone really well with 34 campers in house.  The weather has been perfect and the sea has been great for swimming. We are using Charlie and the Chocolate factory to support our preparations for our trip to the Hotel Chocolat for a tour of their plantation next week.  What fun as Willy […]

May Team Update

Our first ever May team was a huge success.  Eleven volunteers arrived in St. Lucia on May 7th and immediately got to work. Our first stop was a morning visit to the Canaries Pre-School were we played games with the children, read stories, and enjoyed being together.  We even used a parachute in the parking […]

If we can only help one ….?

I want to share a story with you, not to take credit, but to show what is possible when people decide that something needs to change. The story starts 11 years ago.  Camp Sylvester was new, so new, it didn’t have a name.  We didn’t know the children but we had this idea that we […]

Tropical Storm Emily

All are fine here but we are dealing with a tropical storm Emily. All our tanks are overflowing and we still have electricity and a fulltank of cooking gas so we are fine. The Prime Minister has just announced that the island is closed for the day due to the unsafe driving conditions.There have been several landslides […]