IEC Canada – Spouse or Common-Law Partner Open Work license 101

We get yourself a complete large amount of safe questions regarding International Enjoy Canada (IEC) work allows, specially from individuals planning to Canada with an operating getaway or Young Professionals license.

“i simply got my performing getaway license, can my partner arrive at Canada too?” “I’m maneuvering to Canada for a professionals that are young permit—what about my partner?”

There’s no answer that is single there’s a handy exemption and lots of choices. Continue reading!

Could it be easier for the partner or common-law partner of a IEC license owner to come calmly to Canada?

The guideline for the three IEC work license groups (performing getaway, Young Professionals and International Co-op—Internship) is simple—each applicant must submit a profile within an IEC pool and applications are evaluated individually. There’s no guarantee you will both be invited to make an application for work license. Should you choose obtain an invite to use, your spouse or partner that is common-law NOT immediately get a work license under IEC in the future with you.

Having said that, your spouse or common-law partner could be entitled to a student visa or a available work permit. They might additionally arrived at Canada being a visitor. As well as in a cases that are few their status as partner or common-law partner of an IEC license owner will help… read on!

What’s a common-law partnership?

A common-law partnership means that a couple has lived together for at least one year in a conjugal relationship in the context of immigration. Proof to aid their cohabitation in a relationship that is conjugal be required, e.g. both names on bills, joint rent, bank-account, etc. The onus is from the applicant to show they have been residing as common-law lovers for one or more 12 months. Read more